This page is an archive of the projects done during MIT Media Lab Design and Innovation + PESIT 2013 Workshop


TEAM 7 - Fake Plastic Trees (Project: Tactus Alpha)
  • Inspired by Media Lab's MaKey MaKey we made a contraption that lets you use everyday objects as elements of input for any device with a 4 pin headphone jack.
  • Components used: A 4-pin 3.5 mm male pin, a few resistors and capacitors and wires.
  • Project URL:
  • Team: Shashi Gowda, Siddhartha RT, Varsha GR, Varun Kurtkoti

TEAM 8 - Ergomaniacs (Project: Biosense)
  • Real-time notification for muscle stress and posture problems. In short it is ache-me-not! Collects and maintains history of data, useful for reconstructing the persons posture related medical history from the data.
  • Components: Arduino, Flex Sensor, Serial port cable, Python.
  • Project URL:
  • Team Members: Sankha Narayan Guria, Arunasish Sen, Nishant Kandoi, Allahbaksh Abdullah

TEAM 9 – BITS AND ATOMS (Project: Sur-real)

  • This project enables any surface to accept gesture inputs, via a (contact) microphone. In its current, early stages of development, it takes input from the in-built or directly connected external microphone, and identifies taps as high-frequency amplitude bursts. We can distinguish numbers of taps clubbed together. Expansions on a range of fronts have been imagined and will be worked on. The current prototype can be used to open any of the numerous applications and also enables control of various features based on the chosen application.

  • Components used: Piezo sensor, Microphone, (Laptop) Processing

  • Project URL: Github

  • Team members: Arpit Agarwal, Pallavi Gupta, Rishika Jain, Somya Mehdiratta, Vishesh Kumar

  • Documents

TEAM 12 – ILLUSIONISTS (Project: Freelusion)

This product produces a 3D illusion of a 2D screen. This idea could be revolutionary in the entertainment domain such as 3D gaming, 3D movies etc. without actually using 3D glasses.

Components used: LCD monitor, Semi-reflecting glass sheets, Arduino, Processing s/w.

Project URL: (withheld for now)

Team members: C Praneeth Kumar, Pallav Agrawal, Ganesh Rakate.

Documents :(withheld for now)


TEAM 1 - ALForm

  • AlForm is an interactive game for learning alphabets using body gestures, designed using Microsoft Kinect.
  • A player stands in front of screen and positions its body to fit into shape of an alphabet shown on screen.
  • The software matches the body gesture with vectors corresponding to desired alphabet and gives audio-visual feedback
  • Objectives: Fun, Exercise, Learning, Team Play, Body-Eye Control Co-ordination, Neuro-motor Skills
  • Software/Libraries Used: Synapse Streamer (Nick Gillian) and openFrameworks
  • Team Members: Tanushree Agarwal, Sneha Kamath, Deepak Malani
  • Guided By: Annette von Kapri, Kshitij Marwah
  • Future Scope: Learning Yoga postures and Dance Steps
external image collage.jpg

TEAM 4 - Beat The Beat

  • This tool is an intelligent music player. It automatically changes the songs/tempo of a song depending on a dancer's pace.

  • Components used: Kinect sensor

  • Project URL: github URL/ Website(Blog)

  • Team members: Chirag, Akanksha and Ankush

  • Project Details (GITHUB)

TEAM 8 - Freak'd Outs


  • It's a pen for blind people and autistic children to learn to write and draw shapes.

  • The pen gives haptic feedback when the user draws an irregular shape. In this case, it starts vibrating.

  • Components Used: Arduino Uno, a simple webcam.

  • Software Used: OpenCV(C++), Arduino, libserial

  • Team Members: Aditi Singh, Jay Rambhia, Nikita Nataraj

  • Project Details


TEAM 7|-Easy WeighIn
  • A smart system that helps you pack your bags/luggage accurately before boarding a flight.
  • The system uses a device that measures the weight of the baggage and transmits this value via Bluetooth to the mobile device running an application which is simultaneously cross checked against the required Airlines limits for registered users.
  • Bhawna Agarwal - (IIT Guwahati), Harish Kumar - (MSRIT, Bangalore), Saumya Pathak - (IIIT Hyderabad), Shiv Raj - (IIIT Hyderabad)

TEAM 8- messE
  • Convenient meal cancellation system for hostel students to reduce food wastage & distribution of excess food through NGO's.
  • Our system allows students to cancel daily meals in a hostel mess by sending a single sms / mobile application. Based on the total number of cancellations, the system informs the mess manager by sending a sms, giving him a better estimate of amount of food to create. In case there is food in excess even still, the system automatically notifies NGO's nearby the institute about it, for them to collect the food.
  • Mannu Amrit (IIT Guwahati), Jeel Jasani (VJTI Mumbai), Naman Govil (IIIT Hyderabad), Hari Krishna Prabhu (PESIT Bangalore)


|TEAM 1| DancSynth
  • This project envisions a concept in which dance leads music, expanding the potential of this art form. It creates a platform which can also be used to teach novices to dance, and help dance groups synchronise with one another.
  • The implemented project contains a force sensitive resistor to be attached to the heel of the dancer, using which the tempo of the dancer is estimated and corresponding music is played back in the laptop.
  • It is built using Arduino, python, telnet and yatm (Yet another time machine) for time streching.
  • Team members: Suraj Srinivas (PESIT Bangalore), Reshma B.S. (RVCE Bangalore)

|TEAM 2| Radiance: Light Intensity Control

  • Imagine if light could follow you! You could wear a light sensor on your wrist and have focussed illumination where you are!
Different frequencies drive the LEDs. As the sensor comes closer to a LED, the brightness of the LED increases and when it goes away from the
LED, the brightness decreases. The project also maintains occupancy comfort through constant illumination by maximising use of natural light and minimising electricity, thus saving on energy bills. An arduino is used to control the illumination.
  • Members involved in this project are:
    Anil B.M (PESIT), Chandan Kumar (IIT Kanpur), Ketan Kulkarni (PESIT).

Team 3 - AIR SWIPE

  1. A gesture recognition system which is used to interact with the computer with hand gestures.
  2. Components Used: arduino uno,IR proximity sensors.
  3. Software Used: python programming language.
  4. Team members: Naveen K S(NITK Surathkal),Reena Elangovan(IIT Chennai),Prakruthi(pesit)

source code :

Team 5 - Personalized Swimming Coach

  • A wrist wearable device which helps to improve swimming strokes.
  • Components Used: accelerometer,arduino uno,piezo.
  • Software Used: Arduino, Matlab.
  • Team members: Adwaitvedant Mathkar(IIT,Bombay), Anay Sonawane(VIT,Pune)
  • Document:

Team 6 - Randomly Ordered

  • Amalgamation of absolute randomness with absolute order
  • Project uses Geiger Counter detections (which are random in normal ambiance) to trigger a Cellular Automaton pattern.
  • This project uses Geiger Counter and theory of cellular automata.
  • Giving new directions to High Performance Computing, Cryptography, Interactive Gaming Experiences using randomness,
Parallel Computing and Microstructure Modeling.
  • To see the poster please click here
  • For the source codes of Visualization of Cellular Automaton process click here implemented in python.
  • Team Member- Shahnawaz Abdullah, IIT Jodhpur.

Team 8- Microphone based Water Level Indicator

  • This project indicates the water level in a container using a MICROPHONE which records the sound produced while filling an empty container.
  • Components Used: Standard Microphone
  • Project documents:click here to download
  • Team members: k.satish, k.sravan kumar

TEAM 9 - Beat Feet

What if keyboardists and guitarists had the ability to add drum beats and effects to their music without having to take their hands off their instruments? Our system allows them to add drum and guitar effects on the fly using only their feet gestures using wearable sensors. The current system allows us to set and change the tempo of the playable drum beats. This project was possible due to Arduino, Midi and s2midi. The arduino code can be found here.

Members involved in this project are:
Bhargava V. (PESIT, Bangalore), Akshay Cadambi (PESIT, Bangalore), Priyans Murarka (BITS, Goa), Rishemjit Kaur (CSIR, Chandigarh)

Team 10 - Adaptive Headphone Warning System

Team 7- Physical File System
  • Suddenly what if your boss ask to get a presentation right now and you don't remember where you stored it? This system allows you to store a particular file to a RFID tag and the file opens when you get the tag to the receiver.
  • This project is possible by an arduino , RFID reader and tags,.
  • Team members : Sumedh Mathad and Prasad Netalkar (PESIT ,Bangalore).

Team 4 - PetCheck
  • PetCheck is a pet monitoring system that is based upon data driven story telling.
  • It uses the sensor data from sensors and fuses them to trigger an event.
  • Components used: Accelerometer(MMA8452), Arduino UNO, WebCam and MIC
  • Team Members: Devyani Godbole(College Of Engg., Pune), Karan Shah(BITS, Hyderabad), Sai Parthasarathy(IIIT, Hyderabad)



This project uses a network of wearable sensors for:
  1. determining musculoskeletal distortion and alerting the user if the distortion is allowed for a prolonged period of time and,
  2. tracking movements of various body parts for various applications. Sensor data is stored and can be used for analysis (we used MATLAB for this). An application of this device is a posture awareness system which we call UPRIGHT!.
We have two implementations:
  1. 2 x ADXL335 with Arduino Uno, and,
  2. an app on Nokia N900 using Nokia qt.
The implementation #1 is aimed at users who cannot use smartphones and #2 is for users with smartphones having a built-in accelerometer. Resources: Dropbox

| Ayush Sagar (, Kumar Ashayam Gupta (, Akshay Rangamani ( |

Realtime notification for muscle stress and posture problems. In short it is ache-me-not!